Through our tragedy, we can impact and save lives.

In the afternoon of March 19, 2010, things changed forever for the Warne family. Tyler Jacob Warne, 18, was killed when the car he was driving slid across the interstate, Highway Patrol Officials said witnesses reported seeing the car traveling northbound on the highway when it crossed three lanes to the right. Witnesses said the car then left the roadway and rolled down a grassy embankment, where the car flipped several times and hit a tree, police said. They said one witness also said the driver did not appear to apply the brakes during the incident. Police said that Warne was pronounced dead at the scene.


Tyler’s crash may have been preventable had there been education regarding the dangers of drowsy driving. This was never a topic that we discussed as parents with Tyler. We discussed, drinking and driving, texting and driving, even loud music and other distractions that we were educated about, but we had never even thought about driving drowsy. We will never know if he had been educated and aware of preventing a drowsy driving crash if that would have saved his life but I am inclined to believe it just may have.

Our Family is now on a mission to raise awareness and education to prevent the loss of others. If we can save just one life, one family from losing a child or loved one to drowsy driving then my son did not die in vain. We can make a difference with your help. Please share our story, invite me to present, or learn how to prevent drowsy driving crashes. No one should ever have to experience this profound loss. We will forever have a hole in our hearts and in our family where our son will forever be missed. It is our sincere wish that you may never experience this pain. In honor of the memory of our son we will never stop educating and raising awareness to this serious but preventable issue.

With Love, Kerrie, Kyle, Austin and Sydnie Warne


Kerrie Warne is the founder of TyREDD, which stands Tyler Raising Education for Drowsy Driving. TyREDD is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization bringing awareness about the dangers of sleep deprivation and “driving while tired” to teens, parents, and organizations around the country.


Matthew Uhles is the COO of the Clayton Sleep Institute, CSI Research Center. He has more than 27 years of clinical and business experience in virtually all aspects of the practice of sleep medicine. Uhles is an experienced educator and presenter in sleep medicine, including lectures and corporate presentations.

This dynamic-duo has put on hundreds of presentations in schools, businesses, and organizations all across the country. Are you interested in TYREDD teaching your organization how to increase health, productivity, and stay safer on the roads? Reach out here and we’ll get in touch with you shortly!