Tyler’s crash may have been preventable had there been education regarding the dangers of drowsy driving. This was never a topic that we discussed as parents with Tyler. We discussed drinking and driving, texting and driving, even loud music and other distractions, but we had never even thought about driving drowsy. We will never know if learning about drowsy driving would have prevented the crash and saved his life but I am inclined to believe it just may have.

Our family is now on a mission to raise awareness and education to prevent the loss of others. If we can save just one life, one family from losing a child or loved one to drowsy driving then my son did not die in vain. We can make a difference with your help – please share our story, invite TYREDD to present, and learn how to prevent drowsy driving crashes. No one should ever have to experience this profound loss. We will forever have a hole in our hearts and in our family where our son will forever be missed. It is our sincere wish that you may never experience this pain.

In honor of the memory of our son we will never stop educating and raising awareness to this serious but preventable issue.

With Love,
Kerrie, Kyle, Austin and Sydnie Warne


About Tyler

Warne participated in football, wrestling, and track at Parkway South High School where he received the Most Improved Wide Receiver award in 2009. He also was involved in other school activities such as the choir and Student council.

On March 21, approximately 200 students and Warne’s parents gathered in the South High gym to remember him, talk, share stories, and try to process what happened. The next day Parkway School officials announced Warne’s death to the students, and encourage them to speak to a counselor.

Gary Mazzola, the principal of South High, shared these thoughts about Tyler: “Tyler was a very active student at South High, playing football, wrestling and track as well as involved in vocal music and DECA, where he made contributions to our school community with his talents. Tyler also had an exceptional number of friends at South High and was cared about by many of his teachers and staff. He was a very spirited and welcoming young man who always had a smile for others. Tyler will be missed by many.”

Acknowledgements and Appreciation

I would also like to extend my sincere gratitude and thanks to the following people for their unwavering support, guidance and love, which inspired me and made it possible for me to find the strength to share our story and make a difference.

Thank you to my husband Kyle who never doubted me, My children, Austin and Sydnie, who are my strength and my inspiration to continue on this mission, Matt Uhles, Clayton Sleep Center, you started this whole journey for me and continue to support all my educational efforts including presenting by my side, Stephanie Stemmler, who worked so hard for all the media attention that has brought this important issue to everyone’s attention, Tyler’s friends, who are too many to name but you know who you are, and to all of our friends who have been by our side through every step of this journey!

Finally, to my amazing son Tyler for making me a better mom and a better person. You are so very loved and missed!